C Programming Language

C Programming Language

  • is a general purpose programming language created by “Dennis Ritchie” at the Bell laboratories in 1972.
  • It is extremely popular, simple, and flexible to use. It is a structured programming language that is machine-independent and extensively used to write various applications, Operating Systems like Windows, and many other complex programs like Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and more.
  •  It is a very popular language,despite being old.C is strongly associated with UNIX, as it was developed to write the UNIX operating system.

Why Learn C?

  • C helps you to understand the internal architecture of a coumputer,how computer stores and retrives information.
  • After learning C,it will be much easier to learn other programming language like C++,Java,Python etc.
  • Opportunity to work on open source projects.Some of the largest open-source projects such as Linux kernal, Python interpreter , SQLite database, etc. are written in C programming language. 

C Language complete Tutorial


  • Basics of String?
  • Gets() & Puts() in C
  • String Functions
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