Features of c Language

Features of C language

C is the widely used Programming language.It provides many features that are given below :

1. Simple and Efficient

The C Language is a simple language that is easy to learn even for a beginner and is super efficient to use both in terms of the time of development and time of execution. Yes, if you want to create software using C language you can do so in quite less time depending upon the size of the software that you want to code.

2. Portability

A C program written on one operating system can run and compile on any other OS with little to no machine-specific changes. This makes C a hardware-independent programming language, and also saves developers the effort to rewrite the same code over and over again to implement in different systems.

3. procedural language

In a procedural language like C step by step predefined instructions are carried out. C program may contain more than one function to perform a particular task. New people to programming will think that this is the only way a particular programming language works. There are other programming paradigms as well in the programming world. Most of the commonly used paradigm is an object-oriented programming language.

4. Modularity

The concept of storing C programming language code in the form of libraries for further future uses is known as modularity. This programming language van does very little on its own most of its power is held by its libraries. C language has its own library to solve common problems like in this we can use a particular function by using a header file stored in its library.

5. Rich Library

C provides a lot of inbuilt functions that make the development fast.

6. Middle level Programming Language

C is intended to do low-level programming. It is used to develop system applications such as kernel, driver, etc. It also supports the features of a high-level language. That is why it is known as mid-level language.

7. Structured Programming Language

C is a structured programming language in the sense that we can break the program into parts using functions. So, it is easy to understand and modify. Functions also provide code reusability.

8. Speed

The compilation and execution time of C language is fast since there are lesser inbuilt functions and hence the lesser overhead

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