C conditional statement: if,if else with examples.

What is a Conditional Statement in C? 

Conditional Statements in C programming are used to make decisions based on the conditions. Conditional statements execute sequentially when there is no condition around the statements. If you put some condition for a block of statements, the execution flow may change based on the result evaluated by the condition. This process is called decision making in C. In C programming conditional statements are possible with the help of the following two constructs:

1. if Statement
2. if-else Statemen                                                                                                                                                                                3.Nested if-else
if Statement :

In C language, the if statement is a simple decision-making and branching statement and it is used to control the flow of the program execution. If statement is a two-way branching statement and it involves boolean expression. It means depending on the condition the control is transferred either to the true block or false block.

Syntax of if Statement:       if(Expression){                                                                                                           //  code         }                                                                                                 Examples of if Statement:  

if-else Statement:

In C language,If the test expression is true, then the true-block statement(s), immediately following the if statements are executed first; otherwise, the false-block statement(s) are executed first.

Examples of if -else 


3.Nested if-else:                                        When an if else statement is present inside the body of another if or else then this is called nested if else.


if(condition) {                                                //Nested if else inside the body of “if”                                                                                                                          if(condition2) {                                                                                                                                                                    //Statements inside the body of nested “if”                                                  }                                                                 else {                                                                                                                 //Statements inside the body of nested “else” } }

else {                                                        //Statements inside the body of “else”


Examples of Nested if-else:                                                                                         *  C program to find largest from three numbers given by user to Explain Nested if-else                                                                                         


 int main()  {                               

 int num1, num2, num3;               

printf(“Enter three numbers:\n”); 

scanf(“%d%d%d”,&num1, &num2, &num3);



          /* This is nested if-else */ 

if(num1>num3) { printf(“Largest = %d”, num1); } 

else   {

 printf(“Largest = %d”, num3); 



 else {

 /* This is nested if-else */

 if(num2>num3)  {

printf(“Largest = %d”, num2); }

 else {

 printf(“Largest = %d”, num3); }




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