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Comments in JavaScript are text annotations within the code that are ignored by the JavaScript interpreter. They are used to add explanatory notes or remarks to the code, providing information that is useful for developers but does not affect the execution of the program. Comments are helpful for documenting code, explaining complex sections, and making the code more understandable.

In the below PDF we discuss about Comments in JavaScript in detail in simple language, Hope this will help in better understanding.


Types of JavaScript Comments:

1.  Single-line Comments:
Single-line comments are the simplest and most commonly used form of comments in JavaScript. They start with two forward slashes (//) and extend to the end of the line. These comments are perfect for adding short, concise explanations or annotations to your code.

// This is a single-line comment
let variable = 42; // Assigning a value to the variable

2. Multi-line Comments:
Multi-line comments, enclosed between /* and */, are used for longer explanations or for commenting out multiple lines of code. While they serve a similar purpose to single-line comments, multi-line comments are ideal for providing context to larger sections of code.

This is a multi-line comment
It spans multiple lines for detailed explanations
let result = performComplexCalculation();


JavaScript comments are invaluable tools for developers striving to write clean, readable, and maintainable code. By incorporating single-line, multi-line, and inline comments judiciously, developers can enhance collaboration, streamline debugging, and ensure the longevity of their codebase. Remember, comments are not just for others – they also serve as valuable reminders for your future self. So, leverage the power of JavaScript comments and elevate your coding practices to new heights.

Related Question

Comments in JavaScript are used to add explanatory notes or annotations within the code. They are ignored by the JavaScript interpreter and are solely for the benefit of developers to understand the code better.

A single-line comment in JavaScript is created using two forward slashes (//). Anything following these slashes on the same line is considered a comment

No, JavaScript does not support nested comments. Attempting to nest comments will result in a syntax error.

No, comments are ignored by the JavaScript interpreter during runtime. They are only for human readability and have no impact on the functionality of the code.



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