React.JS Handwritten Notes

React or React.JS is commonly used for creating complex, single-page web applications, and mobile applications.

React uses a declarative approach to programming, allowing developers to describe how a user interface should look and behave, without worrying about the underlying implementation details. React is based on a component-based architecture, which means that UI elements can be broken down into smaller, reusable pieces, making it easier to manage and scale complex applications.

This books contain Handwritten Notes of React.JS.

Topics covered In this PDF :

  • Introduction
  • React Version
  • React Installation
  • create-react-app
  • React Features
  • Pros & Cons
  • ReactJS vs AngularJS
  • ReactJS vs ReactNative
  • React vs Vue
  • React JSX
  • React Components
  • React State
  • React Props
  • React Props Validation
  • React State vs Props
  • React Constructor
  • React Component API
  • Component Life Cycle
  • etc……


Topics Covered In this Book

This books contain Handwritten Notes

This books contain Handwritten Notes

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