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A Flutter Tooltip is a small, floating box that appears when a user hovers over or taps on a widget. It typically contains brief information about the purpose or function of the widget, offering users helpful hints and clarifications. This feature is especially useful in scenarios where certain UI elements might not be immediately obvious in their functionality.

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Why Use Flutter Tooltips?

Flutter Tooltip is not just about adding a fancy pop-up text; it’s about enhancing the user experience in a subtle yet impactful way. Here’s why you should consider incorporating tooltips into your Flutter app:

  1. Enhanced Usability: Tooltips provide users with additional context, making it easier for them to understand how to navigate and interact with your app. This can reduce confusion and frustration, leading to a more positive user experience.
  2. Guided Exploration: For new users, tooltips serve as virtual guides, directing them to important features or functionalities within the app. By strategically placing tooltips, you can gently steer users towards key actions or information.
  3. Accessibility: Tooltips can be particularly beneficial for users with disabilities, such as visual impairments. By providing descriptive text that accompanies UI elements, you ensure that all users can fully engage with your app.
  4. Polished Interface: Adding tooltips demonstrates attention to detail and refinement in your app’s design. It’s a subtle yet effective way to elevate the overall aesthetic and professionalism of your application.

Implementing Flutter Tooltips:

In Flutter, integrating tooltips into your app is remarkably straightforward. The Tooltip widget provided by the Flutter framework allows developers to add tooltips to any widget with minimal effort. Here’s a basic example:

message: 'Add New Item',
child: IconButton(
icon: Icon(Icons.add),
onPressed: () {
// Add functionality here

In this example, a tooltip with the message “Add New Item” will appear when the user long-presses the IconButton.


In conclusion, Flutter Tooltip is a valuable tool for enhancing user experience and improving the usability of your app. By providing contextual information and guidance, tooltips empower users to navigate your app with confidence. Whether you’re developing a mobile app, web app, or desktop application, consider integrating tooltips into your Flutter project to create more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Related Question

Flutter Tooltip is a widget that provides additional information when users hover over or long-press on another widget. It’s commonly used to give context or explanations about UI elements.

To create a Tooltip in Flutter, wrap the widget you want to add a tooltip to with a Tooltip widget and provide the message parameter to specify the text to be displayed.

Yes, Flutter allows customization of Tooltip appearance. You can set properties such as height, padding, margin, decoration, preferBelow, and more to tailor the Tooltip’s appearance and behavior according to your app’s design.

Flutter Tooltip supports interaction methods like hover (for desktop) and long-press (for mobile). On desktop platforms, users hover over the widget to reveal the Tooltip, while on mobile platforms, they long-press the widget.

Tooltip can enhance user experience by providing helpful hints, clarifications, or additional context about UI elements, which aids users in understanding the purpose or functionality of those elements without cluttering the interface with unnecessary text.


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