features of c++ programming language

Features of c++

1. Simple :  One of the reasons why C++ is the first programming language of many programmers is that C++ is simple and easy to learn. Even though it is beginner-friendly, C++ is widely used to create numerous advanced programs. 

2. Object Oriented :  C++ is an object-oriented programming language. Objects make the development and maintenance of software easy. With the help of these objects, we can perform data abstraction, data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and data hiding.

 3. Dynamic Memory Allocation :  C++ supports dynamic memory allocation. With the help of pointers in C++, we can allocate the memory dynamically. 

4. Pointers :  A pointer is a variable that stores the address of another variable. C++ supports the use of pointers. They are used to interact with the memory location of any variable. 

5. Broad Library : C++ offers a vast library full of in-built functions that make it easy for the programmer to code. The library functions can be accessed using different header files.

6.  Compiler Based : Unlike other languages like Python and Java which are interpreter-based, C++ is a compiler-based language. Hence, C++ is much faster than Python or Java. 

7. Operator Overloading : C++ supports operator overloading. This means C++ can provide the operators with a special meaning for any given data type. It provides the programmers an option for creating new definitions of the C++ operators.

8.  Case Sensitive : Just like C, C++ is case-sensitive. It means that C++ treats lowercase and uppercase letters differently.

9. High-Level Programming Language : Unlike C, which is a mid-level programming language, C++ is a high-level language. It makes it easier for the programmer to work in C++ as we can closely associate it with the English language.

10. Exception Handling : C++ supports exception handling. It helps the programmer to catch the error(s) if an error arises in a program. 

11. Portable : C++ programs can be executed in different machines with little or no change in the code. But C++ is not platform-independent. Suppose we have compiled a program in a Windows operating system. In that case, that compiled file (.exe file) will not work in a Mac operating system. But, a .cpp file created in Windows will work perfectly on Mac operating system.

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