Conditional Statement in java

Java is a widely-used programming language that offers a wide range of features to developers. One of the essential features of Java is the looping statement, which allows developers to execute a block of code repeatedly. In this blog post, we will discuss the looping statement in Java and its various types.

A looping statement in Java allows you to execute a block of code multiple times, depending on the conditions specified. Loops are essential in programming, as they help to reduce the amount of code required to execute repetitive tasks.

In the below PDF we discuss about Looping statement in detail in simple language, Hope this will help in better understanding.

Four types of Looping Statement :

Java Provide four types of conditional statement:

  • For loop
  • For-each loop
  • While loop
  • Do…while loop

In the above PDF all types are discussed in detail in simple language.

Related Question

The for loop is the most commonly used type of loop in Java. It executes a block of code for a specified number of times.

The while loop is the simplest type of loop in Java. It executes a block of code repeatedly as long as the condition specified is true.

The do-while loop is similar to the while loop, but the code block is executed at least once, regardless of the condition.


Conditional Statement in java Conditional

Conditional Statement in java Java

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