Conditional Statement in java

Conditional statements are a fundamental concept in programming, including Java. Conditional statements allow you to control the flow of your program based on specific conditions. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at conditional statements in Java.

In the below PDF we discuss about Conditional statement in detail in simple language, 

Hope this will help in better understanding.

Two types of Conditional Statement :

Java Provide two types of conditional statement :

If statement

 Switch Statement

Each type of conditional statement is explained in above PDF in detail.

Related Question

The java if-Statement is used to test the condition.It check boolean condition: true or false.

There are varios types of if-Statement in java.
• If statement
• If-else statement
• If-else-if ladder
• Nested if statement

Unlike the if-else statement, the switch has multiple paths of execution. Moreover, it evaluates the expression based on some of the primitive types or class types and matches their value with its cases.

A switch can work well with a byte, char, short, and int primitive data types.


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